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Diamond Disc
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Diamond Disc
  Type : Diamond Disc
  Sub Products :
  Varieties : Different diameter
Description : Base disc is made from the high tensile plate, whose circumference is covered with different grit of diamond abrasives. Diamond abrasive are bonded with special resin which ensure proper bonding of abrasive with the disc. It is used for trimming / Cutting of the FRP products.
Safety Items
  Type : Safety
  Sub Products : PVC Apron
  Varieties : Different length
Description : PVC base front body removable type apron used in the hand lamination and other FRP industries , ensuring clothes / body protection from resin
  Type : Safety
  Sub Products : Cotton Hand Gloves
  Varieties : Different Size
Description : Cotton based hand gloves used for better griping of the product and ensuring it cut free handling of the composite product.
  Type : Safety
  Sub Products : Surgical Gloves
  Varieties : Different length
Description : It is used in hand lay -up industry and other type of composites industry. It covers palm and keeps resin away from the body.
  Type : Safety
  Sub Products : Hand Sleeves
  Varieties : Different Length
Description : It cover the upper part of the palm till the elbow and protect from resin or other foreign material
  Type : Safety
  Sub Products : Head Cap
  Varieties : Standard
  Description : It is used to cover the hair for preventing the dust accumulation.
  Type : Abrasive
  Sub Products : Fibrous Disc
  Varieties : Available in Different Diameter& Different Grit
Description : Aluminum oxide or Zinc Oxide base fibrous disc. It is available in different diameter. Used with the help of a back up pad on angle grinders. Helpful for faster leveling of uneven composites products.
  Type : Abrasive  
  Sub Products : Velcro Base Abrasive Disc
  Varieties : Round with different number of holes, grit size and diameter
Description :Aluminum oxide or zinc oxide base Abrasive disc. It is available in different sizes, with different number of holes.Normally sticked with the velcro base back-up pad. It is used on orbital sander. This papers are used to obtain required roughness and smoothness on the composite products as per requirement.
  Type : Abrasive 
  Sub Products : Flap Disc
  Varieties : Available in different grit and size
Description : Multi paper sticked to be solid disc which in turns gets directly mounted on angle grinders. Very useful in grinding for very rough and un even surface.
  Type : Abrasive         
  Sub Products : Hand Pads
Varieties : Used for Conditoning and surface preparetion in fabrication, automobile, aerospace, holloware, elecronis, sanitaryware and wood working industries.
Description : Uniform grain distribution ensures consistant and controlled abrasives action. Open structure prevents clogging and dissipates heat better. Spring-like feature enable it to conform to irregular shapes.
Other Accessories
  Type : Carbide Tipped Drill Bit
  Sub Products : Butterfly Type
  Varieties : Different diameter / Different varieties as per lift and customer requirement
Description : Base material is HSS on which carbide tips are mounted in the special angle ensuring the long better performance for cutting of the composite material.
  Type : Drill Bit     
  Sub Products : Flute Type
  Varieties : Different diameter and length
Description : Base material is HSS on which carbide tips are mounted in the special angle ensuring the long life and better performance for cutting of the composite material.
  Type : S.S Fasteners            
  Sub Products : Different grade
  Varieties : As per customer requirement
Description :Used in the industry for various application where ensuring of non-Corrosive ness is must and Member fixed is not load Carrying.
  Type : EPS Foam
  Sub Products : Different Thickness
  Varieties : Different Density
  Description : It is basically a polymer base product used for the proper storage & transportation of product.
  Type : Hose Clamp
  Sub Products : Different Diameter
  Varieties : SS & MS Type
  Description : For holding of hose with the connector or pipe tightly.
  Type : Ratchet Belt
  Sub Products : Different Capacity
  Varieties : Different Length
Description : For easy fasting of the product and secure transportation.
Mixer Tubes
Mixer tubes have been developed in range of quality, two component sides x side cartridge systems, disposable static mixers and cartridge dispensers.

With Conventional meter/mix manifolds the reactive materials meet with the manifold before mixers. If the material is allowed to gel, the manifold will plug and must be disassembled. This is an time consuming and expensive task. This nozzle helps in eliminating this hassle. These mixing nozzles have oversized bell inlet. Manifold and valves separately port the A and B Material directly into the mixer. To clean up simply involves removing the mixer and wiping the manifold face clean. Metal jacket is reinforced if the working pressure inside the mixing nozzle exceeds 150 PSI.

Different range of Mixer tubes are available in terms of material construction, length of the tube , design of the mixers etc depending upon the type of  two component to be mixed. These are widely used in industries where two components chemicals or materials are used. It is versatile and retrofit table with almost all two component machines manufacturers like 2 KM, GRACO etc.
Parameters Specifications
  Type -1 Type-2
Element Acetal Acetal
Housing Polypropylene Nylon
Mixing Element 36 32
Element Diameter 12.65mm 19.9mm
Housing Length 420mm 620mm
Housing Outside Diameter 16.75mm 24.9mm
Pressure Limit Style PSI @ 19°C PSI @ 39°C
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