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Breather cloth's function is to allow air and volatiles to be removed within the vacuum bag and across the corner of the laminate or the mould. It is very much useful material in vacuum bagging and helps in  maintaining the vacuum throughout the mould during the process.  Its  basic  material  is  non-woven  polyester,  nylon  or synthetic constructions They may also be used to absorb excess resin present in some composite lay ups. Various constructions are available and  selection  will  depend  on the temperature and pressures they must withstand during the curing process. Basic properties of the material are as follows:

Light weight synthetic breather with good all round stretch and wrap ability
Manufactured from a combination of fibres which allow good air permeability and absorption property
Physical Properties
Maximum cure temperature 205°c
Material - Synthetic blend
Weight (nominal) 130 Gms or Customize
Colour - White (customised colour also available)
Availability & Packaging
Width- 0.76/1.52/3.00 Mtr.
Length-100 Mtr.
Customized width and length available.
Storage & Handling
No special storage conditions required. Roll packed in polyethylene or HDPE bag to protect from moisture absorption.
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