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Peel ply is a Nylon base woven fabric used in the advance composite industry. Peel plies are placed against the surface or the laminate where rough surface is required. Normally peel plies leaves the woven impression on the surface ensuring roughness of the laminate. Peelply has porous and weave structure which absorbs the excess resin during curing leaving the rough impression on the surface.  It is also used to ensure dirt less,  and  non contaminated surface for secondary bonding or painting. There are different ranges of peel plies available as per different range of curing temperature.
Peel ply is heat set and scoured peel ply to acquire require softness and good bonding directly against laminates.
Peelply is nylon yarn weave fabric with equi spaced   tracer polyester yarn for the better identification once the peelply gets cured with the mould or laminate. This is particularly useful when working with very large composite moulds.
Will release from most commercial resin systems.
Physical Properties
Fabric Thickness (nominal) 0.145mm
Fabric Weight (nominal) 85g/m2
Colour Natural (white) with tracer yarn
Availability & Packaging
Roll size 1.8 mtr. wide, 100 mtr. long
Slit widths available
Width as per customer specification can be made available.
Packed with the shrink wrapping.
Storage & Handling
No special storage conditions required.
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