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The Vacuum Bagging Film is widely used in Advance Composites Industries. This film is used to cover and seal the mould surface under vacuum condition in the process called Vacuum Infusion. This film is widely used due to is excellent physical properties such as high temperature resistance, toughness, good flexibility, high elongation and very less permeability.

Normally colour is green heat stabilized and material is nylon.
It has excellent elongation and heat ageing characteristics capable of performing under high pressures and temperatures of up to 190°C for several hours.
A Caprolactam level of less than 1% makes it an ideal choice for most vacuum bagging applications
It can be made available in different forms eg: lay flat or slit tube and in sheet form.
Vacuum Bagging Films for Advance Composite Industry and Vacuum Bagging Films Manufacturer, Supplier
Parameters Physical Parameters-55 Microns Physical Parameters-65 Microns Physical Parameters-75 Microns
Film Thickness 55 Microns 65 Microns 75 Microns
Film Colour Transparent Green Transparent Green Transparent Green
Resin Compatability Styrene + Epoxy Styrene + Epoxy Styrene + Epoxy
Standard Width
(Lay Flat)
600MM, 800MM,1200MM, 2000MM, 4000MM 600MM, 800MM,1200MM, 2000MM, 4000MM 600MM, 800MM,1200MM, 2000MM, 4000MM
Working Temperature Maximum Upto 180°C Maximum Upto 180°C Maximum Upto 180°C
Storage & Handling
Packing The roll will be wrapped in polyethylene/bubble sheet over and above covered with hard card board case for protecting it from piercing or damaging from the pointed or hard material.
Handling Roll has to be handled properly having taken care roll doesn't get damanged or pierced.
Storage Has to be stored in the place where the sharp edges are not there.Has to be stored at room temperature and low moisture level place.

Wide range of film can be undertaken for development based on the customer requirement where the application is at different temperature and for different purpose.

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